Welcome to the personal website of Sandra Morrisette.

Please browse through this website, so you have a better idea who Sandra is and why she would be a tremendous asset to the Phillipsburg School Board.

Sandra is currently running with two other great candidates, Pete Marino and Vickie Mendes-Branch, for the three available seats that are open for the November 8th, 2016 Phillipsburg School Board election.

The best thing for Phillipsburg would be for all three of the candidates to win and become new members of the Phillipsburg School Board.  More extensive information on the other candidates can be found at the official Facebook Page for the Marino, Mendes-Branch, Morrisette for Phillipsburg School Board election site.

Sandra Morrisette has valuable teaching experience from the Kindergarten level up through the University level.  In addition to a wide range of teaching experience, Sandra has also had years of successful experience in business.  Sandra has a strong understanding of what students need from the beginning of their educational journey as well as practical experience of the challenges students will face to become successful after leaving the school system.

Vickie Mendes-Branch has extensive experience working with Special Needs children in Phillipsburg.  Vickie founded a non-profit organization, The Branching Out Foundation, Inc. to help families with their Special Needs children.  More information about The Branching Out Foundation can also be obtained at The Branching Out Foundations Facebook Page.

Pete Marino is a life-long resident of Phillipsburg, who has served on the School Board, Town Council and is a former Chairman of the Town Board of Adjustments.   Among Pete's many concerns is the fact that students who used to walk to nearby community schools (or were bused) now have unrealistically long walks to the consolidated elementary school.  This is a hardship and safety concern for many parents in Phillipsburg.  This is one of many issues Pete will be working to solve if elected to the Phillipsburg School Board.

Additionally, all three candidates are united by their passion to be a voice for town residents on the School Board and improve communication between the School Board and Phillipsburg residents.

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